Baby Birds in the Attic or Dryer Vents

People are calling Wings about baby birds and nesting material in their dryer vents and in their attics.

A simple solution is to take a small box, open the flaps on one end of the box then cut out a hole in the other end of the box that is close to the same size as the hole the adult birds are using to enter the dryer vent or attic.

Take the babies and as much nesting material as you can and put it into the box. Staple the open box flaps to the house next to the hole that the parents are using to get into your house. Repair or cover the hole the parents have been using to enter the house.

The parents should continue to feed the babies in the new nest. The parent birds know where the nest is located and removing the babies and putting them more than a few feet away will only result in the babies dying.

The parents will not recognize them as their babies if they are moved more than a few feet away.